🎵 Weekly Music Newsletter: What’s a Wock, and why did Lil Yachty Take it to Poland?

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8 min readOct 18, 2022

Lil Yachty goes to Poland. Blink-182 reunite. Bruce Springsteen covers the Commodores. Tove Lo album. Marshmello & Juice WRLD duet.

BTS, the Korean pop sensation, will not be releasing new music anytime soon. The boy band will not return as a group until 2025, once each of the seven members has completed their mandatory military duties.

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“People who like this are actually stupid,” rapper Lord Jamar once said about Lil Yachty’s music. When 18-year-old Yachty blew up on Soundcloud in 2016 with the playful hits Minnesota and One Night, critics lambasted him for being everything wrong with the current state of hip hop. Yachty’s self-described style of “bubblegum trap” was far from the aggressive music his Atlanta contemporaries were putting out.

The relentless criticism from traditionalist rap fans only got worse after Yachty admitted in an interview with Billboard that he couldn’t name five Biggie or Tupac songs. He was publicly derided by hip hop heavyweights Pete Rock, Joe Budden, and Ebro. It appeared Yachty took the criticism to heart because he began releasing harder-hitting tracks that aimed to showcase his technical abilities, but it was at the cost of the boyish hooks that made him enjoyable in the first place.

With his first solo track of the year, Poland, Yachty has finally found his voice again. The song was leaked online earlier this month, and thanks to its autotune-laced vibrato and infectious hook, “I took the Wock’ to Poland,” it instantly became a viral hit, making the digital charts in 50 different countries. The Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, even texted Yachty’s manager looking to set up time for the rapper to visit the Eastern European country.

Though the 83-second song may have started as a half-joke when Yachty saw someone with a Poland Spring water bottle in the studio, and though the song is little more than just a repeating hook, Poland is an intoxicating, instantly memorable, woozy 8-bit track that’s more unique than almost anything we’ve heard this year. It brings a…



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