The Downfall of Kanye West

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6 min readFeb 21, 2024

A critical look at Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s latest venture, “Vultures 1,” and the controversial journey that got us here.

Okay, let’s talk Kanye. Back in 2021, when Donda made its debut, we took a stab at dissecting it, wrangling 269 words into a review. Seemed pretty hefty at the time. But here we are, two and a half years later, and Kanye’s got us shattering that record, clocking in at 1,411 words. Strap in.

Kanye’s first decade in the game? Nearly flawless, wasn’t it? From the audacious arrival of College Dropout in 2004 to the groundbreaking sounds of Yeezus in 2013, Kanye lived up to the genius label he slapped on himself. His music pushed boundaries, revamped old tunes for a new generation, and rode the line between immature and emotionally profound. He was the hip-hop wunderkind, racking up 21 Grammys by 2013, more than any other rapper, and inching closer to becoming the producer with the most №1 hip-hop hits ever.

His music was so good, we were willing to overlook his faults. Remember the “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” incident? Or the Taylor Swift mic grab that still haunts award show nightmares (plus a similar incident with Justice and Simian that slipped under the radar)? Kanye’s antics often played second fiddle to his music, but they were there, lurking in the background.

Then came 2016. The clumsy and chaotic release of his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo, marked the beginning of a turbulent chapter. While Kanye was touring to support the album, his wife Kim Kardashian faced a harrowing ordeal in Paris, robbed at gunpoint by five men who left her trussed up in a tub. It was a watershed moment, transforming Kanye from pre-trauma to post-trauma. Think Antonio Brown’s pivot after the Burfict hit, but in the music world.

Next thing you know, Kanye’s ending concerts abruptly and landing himself in UCLA Medical Center due to mental health concerns. His sanity spiraled, leading to the axing of 21 shows. And so began the unraveling of Kanye’s once towering presence in music. Since then, he’s made a string of questionable decisions, often sticking to his guns despite subsequent apologies.

In 2018, during a TMZ interview, he suggested slavery was “a choice” for African Americans. Despite backpedaling, he echoed…



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