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8 min readApr 17

Also, Post Malone returns. Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj team up. Greta Van Fleet is back. HMLTD’s rock opera. Wednesday mixes shoegaze with country.

Coachella’s YouTube channel livestreamed the music festival in full this past weekend, except for the one performance everyone was waiting for: Frank Ocean’s (his first show in six years). Apparently, we didn’t miss much.

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It’s been a year and a half since we last wrote about the beef between Drake and Kanye West. Kanye’s been tied up in much direr controversies since then, namely dining with white supremacists and openly praising Hitler, the combination of which has led to him losing over $1.5 billion. On Drake’s latest single, Search & Rescue, the Toronto rapper looks to reignite the two rappers’ highly publicized feud — possibly because Kanye’s streak of antisemitism doesn’t sit well with Drake’s Jewish heritage.

Drake was first accused of dissing Kanye in 2011, but the current iteration of their beef started in 2018. After Drake expressed interest in Kanye’s Lift Yourself beat, Kanye decided to release the track with “scoopity poop” bars, essentially opting to throw away the beat rather than collaborate with Drake on it. Pusha T then entered the fold when he accused Drake of using ghostwriters on the Kanye-produced Infrared. Drake returned fire on Duppy Freestyle, taking shots at both Kanye and Pusha.

Four days later, Pusha responded with The Story of Adidon, one of the most incendiary diss tracks in hip hop history, whose cover art featured a photo of Drake wearing blackface. On the track, Pusha exposed Drake for having a secret child with a former porn star, information he had obtained from Kanye. The track was so brutal, Drake never directly responded to it, but he continued to throw shade on French Montana’s No Stylist and Trippie Redd’s Betrayal. Kanye returned the volley on Donda tracks Pure Souls and Junya.

In late 2021, Kanye leaked Drake’s home address, Drake leaked Kanye’s Life of the Party, and then the pair miraculously reconciled when they jointly hosted a concert to promote the…

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